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Property Spanish Villa is an international agent of several large Spanish banks.
Since 2008 we are working in the Spanish property market and are representing banks, which have on their balances residential and commercial real estate below the market price.
We are working in the real estate market since 2008, and we represent banks that have residential and commercial real estate balances for cheaper market prices. Bank property is offered to the buyer on the best mortgage terms. That makes the real estate purchase even more accessible and easily performed not only for Spanish citizens, but also for non-residents of Spain.
If you want to purchase a real estate property with the minimal personal capital investment, PropertySpanishVilla will provide you with the special listing of property offers with a maximum banking financial investment. It means obtaining a mortgage 100% covering the real estate price.

Besides the real estate offers from the banks, PropertySpanishvilla provides a selection of private property according to a client’s requirement.
PropertySpanishvilla guarantees a direct contact with a seller avoiding any mediators and holds open negotiations on all necessary matters, acting according to buyers’ interests
The important advantages of PropertySpanishvilla are the transparency of our actions and the compliance with an utmost integrity; together with complete confidentiality of direct contacts between a seller and a buyer, conducting all necessary negotiations to achieve arrangements and the implementation of legal and financial transactions.

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