Mortgage loans 100% including the cost of real estate.

Do you want to live and have a good time in your own house on the sunny coast of Spain?

Dreams come true!

Even if you do not possess a high material capacity to become soon a proud owner of an apartment or villa in the Kingdom of Spain, we are happy to help you to select a real estate from the banking database with a special offer - 100% financing covering all purchase expenses.

The mortgage is issued on favorable terms for the buyer with the lowest interest rate for up to 35 years.

Apart from the real estate offers of the banks, we are also offering you the great choice of private properties according to the request of the client.
Property Spanish Villa will provide you with direct contact with the seller avoiding intermediaries, and will conduct open negotiations of the necessary issues. We act completely in the interests of buyers.
The important advantage of Property Spanish Villa is our actions and the observation of complete honesty together with the confidentiality of the seller's contacts with the buyer, the realization of the necessary communications to achieve the agreements and to carry out all the legal and financial operations.

Our managers will help you to prepare properly the necessary documents in order to obtain the maximum mortgage lending; will hold talks with the bank to obtain the best result for lending, will draw up a quotation request according to the buyer’s interests.

The value of our services is 3% of the price of the real estate, and shall be paid by the buyer upon signing the purchase and sale contract of the selected real estate object with 100% mortgage lending.

We provide you with complete service and comprehensive legal support of the deal. Here is the short list of our services:

List of new services:

- The selection of the best real estate proposals from banks

- The visual inspection of your future acquisition

- Consulting services on all aspects of purchasing property in Spain and the mortgage loan registration

- Holding talks with the bank’s credit department in order to achieve 100% mortgage lending

- Assistance in obtaining a notarized power of attorney (all necessary negotiations and visual inspections are accompanied by the necessary translator), the power of attorney is needed in case if the buyer personally would be unable to come to Spain for the final stage of transaction, and will not be present in the notary’s office signing a purchase and sale contract, or for processing a I.N.F. at the police office

- La asistencia en la apertura de la cuenta bancaria

- Signing a contract with the bank reserving the preferred real estate object

- Professional assistance in obtaining a full set of documents for registration of a mortgage loan in the amount of 100%

- Set of documents transfer to the bank for the final decision to grant 100% of the mortgage on the selected property

- The formalization of the mortgage loan with the bank - owner of the chosen properties

- Assistance in obtaining and receiving of I.N.F

- Provision of an official translator on the day of notary signing of a purchase and sale contract (the presence and signature of the translator at the notary is obligatory while signing contracts with foreign citizens)

PropertySpanishvilla team not only gets the job done, and does it with love, trying to convey to each client a good impression of collaboration.

Javier Saura Saura

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